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Console PC
Developer Sam Muir
Genre Horror
Episodes 1
Run 22 May 2014
Status Complete
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Remember.exe is a horror game made in around 2014. This game is one of a kind as it can do many unique things.

Affecting your computerEdit

Unlike most .exe horror games, Remember.exe does many unique things to add to the creepy atmosphere.

The webcamEdit

While playing the game, if you have a webcam hooked to your computer, the game will silently take photos of you playing the game, erase your face in the picture and add a mysterious creature in the background as seen here. The game will either send the photo to you or someone else. This is an image of reddit user Psychoticmonkis sent to another Reddit user called lamancha. The reddit page discussing the game can be seen here.

The televisionEdit


Before it was deleted, a site called was associated with this game. Mindshape had a television page and it had the faces of many who decided to play the game. It is unknown if Luigikid was included, but a youtuber called Nifty had his face of terror included when he was playing the game.[1] This also links with having a webcam hooked up to your computer.


Nifty is one of the many people who played Remember.exe and investigated it in further detail. The creator of Remember noticed his dedication and decided to start 'stalking his life'. It is revealed in Nifty's Link.exe let's play (which all of his let's plays of Sam's games are unlisted) that the developer knows Nifty's real name and he put him in the television.